The History Of Tattoos Everyone Can Enjoy

Tattoo History In Past Centuries

Tattoo history is long and colorful. Tattoos are permanent markings which are placed on the body. In centuries past some tattoos were created using the ashes of the dead, as a tribute to the deceased loved one and a way of mourning and remembrance for the individual left alive. Since prehistoric times tattoos have been used for many purposes, and in almost every region of the world. Some of these markings were voluntary and some were forced, and tattoos meant different things during different eras and in different populations.

Mummies which date back thousands of years have been found with tattoos, some with only a few of these markings bit others that were heavily inked. Dating back to before 1,000 BC criminals and unsavory types in China were visibly tattooed to ensure that everyone recognized these individuals for what they were. This practice was not just reserved for those who were low class, many books of Chinese literature describe tattoos that were intended to show loyalty, love, or other traits.

Tattoos That Everyone Can Enjoy

The history of tattoos in many countries is a positive one. India, the Philippines, Egypt, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and many other regions of the globe have a long history of tattoos used for decorating the body or signifying spiritual commitment. Native American Indian tribes often tattooed captured settlers the same way that the tribes tattooed members. These tattoos were considered sacred and beautifying.

Native tribes in the Amazon rainforests have been spotted as recently as just a few years ago, and many of these tribes have members with facial and body tattoos that are clearly visible. In some regions in the past slaves were tattooed to identify the individual as property and designate the owner. This was true in many cultures and did not occur only to slaves brought from Africa. The practice was common in China and other countries as well.

Understanding the history of tattoos can help individuals avoid making a judgment just because someone has a tattoo. These markings meant many different things in the past, but today tattoos are a form of self-expression and body art that is widely accepted. Many business executives and wealthy individuals have one or more tattoos, although these may not be in highly visible places.