How to Build Sales Funnel Using Your Lead and CRM Software

The primary goal of any MLM company is to build a sales funnel that brings prospects into the organization. Sales is a function of the number of prospects and the amount of money that they spend on products or services. In order to convert these leads into actual sales, a company must have a structure that is designed to get them from point A to point B. This process is called prospecting, and it is a highly effective way to get your prospects to opt-in to your business’s email list. There are several ways to create a prospecting funnel and the one that you use depends on the type of business that you operate.

For instance, if you sell an eBook or other digital product, your sales funnel may be a squeeze page that prompts the potential customer to give you their email address in exchange for information on the product. This can be accomplished in many different ways, but the main objective should be for the customer to provide you with valuable information that will help them make a buying decision. If you’re on a website selling a service, you might offer a free report or free eBook that gives the reader real life experiences or recommendations that they can use. Or, you might offer a discount if they purchase from you later. Either way, you need to have a mechanism by which potential customers can learn about your product.

Another common way to create a sales funnel is to use lead capture and CRM software to solicit leads and collect data about them so that you can determine the best course of action. Lead capture and CRM software programs allow you to generate customized reports that show you who is calling you, how they did arrive at your site, how likely they are to purchase from you, and more. These reports are extremely valuable because they tell you what kind of people you should be sending your promotional emails to-people likely to buy from you. You can also use these CRM software programs to test the effectiveness of different promotional messages to determine what message gets the most response from your prospects. With this data, you can fine tune your sales and marketing campaigns so that you’re always reaching your prospects and closing more sales.