Transferring Files During a Video Conference

Transferring Files During a Conference

Conference participants are able to transfer/share files with one another during an active Conferencing Equipment video Australia.

  1. From the FaceConferencing taskbar, choose the “File Sharing” tab.
  2. In the new “File Sharing” window, click on the “Add” button and select the files you wish to transfer or you can select files from Windows Explorer and drag & drop them into the “File Sharing” window.
  3. Select the conference Participant from the “Select receiver” dropdown box to whom you wish to send the files to.
  4. Start the transfer by clicking on the “Start Sharing” button.
  5. After a few moments, the receiving Participant will be prompted of the file transfer. Should he/she accept, the file transfer will start.
  6. You can view the file transfer status/rate under the “Filesharing“ tab within the FaceConferencing “Stage” panel. Double click on the file you wish to open. In addition, you are able to “Accept” / “Abort” or “Cleanup” files that are being or have been transferred.

Hint: If you wish to speed up the file transfer rate, deactivate your video transmission or other FaceConferencing functions that use up bandwidth (i.e. Desktop Sharing).

Important: If you exit a conference during active File Sharing, all current data transmission will be terminated.

Desktop/Application Sharing

You can share any section of or your entire computer desktop with fellow FaceConferencing Participants during a conference, even if you are using a multiple monitor setup. If you wish, you can also allow Participants to remotely take control of your desktop & applications during a conference.

  1. During an active conference, select the “Desktop Sharing” tab from the FaceConferencing taskbar.
  2. From the new “Desktop Sharing” window, click on the “Share” button. Now choose to share either your entire desktop or only a portion of it.
  3. If you choose to share your entire desktop, a yellow Desktop Sharing fastbar will appear at the top of your monitor. The “Remote control to” tab allows you to pick a conference Participant to give mouse and keyboard control over your desktop.
  4. Once you have left your mouse and keyboard still for 3 seconds, control is handed over to the conference Participant you selected. He/she will know they have control of your desktop, when a green frame surrounds the portion of the screen that is being shared. At any moment, you can immediately take back control of your desktop by simply moving your mouse or pressing any key on your keyboard. Control will again be returned to the selected conference participant, after 3 seconds of inactivity on your part.
  5. If you opt to share only a region of your desktop the “Share Region” window will appear. You can move the window to the designated area of your desktop, and resize it to fit your needs by click & dragging its sides.
  6. As soon as the “Share Region” window has been positioned correctly, you can start sharing the selected portion of your desktop by clicking on the “Start Sharing” button. That chosen region of your desktop will be shown to all conference participants. Again, you can give control to any conference Participant or take control back at any given time. In addition, you can resize and reposition the “Share Region” window at any time without having to stop the Desktop Sharing function.

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