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Hi, im here to do a wolfteam review. wolfteam is a 3d sci-fi mmofps by softnyx and aeria games. it has werewolves in it which is real interesting…..



So ya, looking at the ui of wolfteam in the lobby, it is quite easy to see player’s name and player’s info. the shop icon and gift icons are also commonly and easily recognised by wolfteam players. it shows “hot” cash items on sale just below the map info as you can see at the left.


Well though wolfteam is not the best game with graphics, it at the very least has some decent graphics, not excellent by average according to free-to-play standard but dont expect this game to win ava 😀 the fog effect is quite realistic but a little blocky? as you can see in the pic, the fog doesnt seems smooth in a sense.
Game Content

WolfTeam is not really popular as games like AVA, i personally am surprised as based on game content, wolfteam can easily pwn ava, crossfire and combat arms because it has an extremely large arsenals of guns from all the way from the Aug, to the m4 and even specifically the the multiplayer variants of the F2000. for some strange reason, however wolfteam renames the gun like dumbasses. why? m4a1 is renamed as EM4-A1, F2000 As EF-2000T but you can still see the weapon models and the pronounciation of the guns! lets look at game content! once again wolfteam can pwn crossfire in terms of game modes and comparible to combat arms. wolfteam has domination which is called conquest in wolfteam, wolfhuntR, wolfhuntC, And wolfhuntD. wolfhunt is basically a zombie-infection like game with werewolves! wolfhunt R,C And D are all multiple gamemodes Homepage based on wolfhunt with different set of rules from tug of wars between wolves to absorbing hp from kills! there is destruction or better yet search and destroy with a sub mode S2 which is wolves defuse and humans plant and wolf mutations are allowed to use!

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